Hi, I'm Pierre-Henry. I'm a software engineer who got into the field thanks to Douglas Engelbart's vision: Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework. Convinced that The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened, I have co-founded three companies whose objectives were to offer tools that help accumulate and capitalize on knowledge.

What if we could assimilate knowledge 33% faster? What if we could agree on the most important meanings of the terms we use? It took me about ten years to understand that this problem was not called a biblical problem for nothing.

I have also won tenders, recruited and managed teams — up to five people — and delivered software for the energy and defense sectors, with project values ranging from 100k€ to 300k€ (for CEA and SNEF POWER SERVICES in France). I have also worked as a consultant for Airbus, CS Group, and CNES.

One of the most interesting projects was modeling infrastructure data as a graph using Neo4j to route electrical cables for a nuclear reactor (Réacteur Jules Horowitz). It was like Google Maps but for electrical cables in a building.

It led to a staggering increase in efficiency compared to manual labor when it came to routing cables or checking cable routes. This experience offered a concrete understanding of what a Digital Twin may mean in an industrial context.

I'm currently looking for a position in Switzerland. If you think that there is a position I may fit, do not hesitate to contact me.